Fortunately, The Australian Chamber of Commerce Shanghai (AustCham Shanghai) has agreed to expand its current offering to include events, networking opportunities and special interest groups formerly managed by the ASA. The Shanghai Melbourne Cup, for example, will be included in AustCham Shanghai’s calendar of events.
     This is great news for current ASA members and their families as AustCham Shanghai will provide free membership until January 31, 2018 – allowing members access to discounted member rates to AustCham social events as well as the events formerly offered by the ASA.
     AustCham will form a new membership category called 'AustCham Social' and members will receive a communication shortly with further information from AustCham Shanghai's CEO Udo Doring. As with the ASA, AustCham Social will need help from volunteers and we urge you to offer your assistance in this regard.
      On behalf of the ASA Committee, I would like to thank all of our members, past and present and the many friends and ambassadors of the ASA for your support over the years.
    Please know that this is not “The End” but a “New Era” as AustCham Social launches us into many years to come of great social events and activities for our community.

Best Regards

Wendy Landy


Australian Shanghai Association

After much deliberation, the Australian Shanghai Association's (ASA) Committee has made the decision to cease operations and disband the Association effective, 31 January 2017. As per our Constitution all funds raised from the Shanghai Melbourne Cup and other fundraising activities will be allocated to the ASA’s Charity Partners.
     The ASA started in 1998 and has provided a wonderful platform for Australians and people from other nationalities to meet, socialise and share common interests, while also raising significant funds for organisations whose purpose it is to help local communities. Recognition must be given to the hundreds of people who have supported the Association throughout its existence, particularly the many volunteers who have worked so hard to deliver value to members.
     There are several reasons behind this decision. Over the past couple of years it has been harder to attract sufficient volunteers to keep delivering the various events and activities traditionally offered by the ASA. Member activity has also been a factor with attendance at regular events continuing to fall. However the ASA's signature event, the Shanghai Melbourne Cup has continued to be a magnificent success year-after-year. The good news is that this event will continue to hold pride of place at the top of the Shanghai social on for more details.
      Another significant driver is recent changes to China's Charity Laws which impacts on organisations such as the ASA. There are legalities in place and considerably higher administrative and reporting requirements expected of such organisations and the ASA simply does not have the necessary resources available to fulfil these new requirements.

austcham shanghai

Some of you may already be familiar with what AustCham Shanghai does but broadly we are a membership-based organisation representing more than 400 businesses and individuals providing support, education, advocacy and business services. We host about 100 events a year which range from social networking mixers to business forums to intimate roundtables with industry leaders.
      Please feel free to contact General Manager Jack Brady with any questions regarding membership or other inquiries.​​

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